Striving to fulfill the Internal need 

to ACTively connect in an inclusive community!

Welcome to InterACT!

InterACT in an initiative that was created by Pamela and David Gomez

 with the purpose of reaching out and helping individuals and families in the Las Vegas community 

to have meaningful and inclusive experiences and connections with others in the community.

Fostering healthy and inclusive relationships.

Come InterACT with us today!


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Our InterACTive Services

Come InterAct with us! 

We can build services and events around your needs!

All Services are created and developed with the intention of fostering healthy relationships and inclusion 

parting from a therapeutic focus from NV licensed therapist and Autism Clinical Specialist:

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Social Activities

  • Birthday Club
  • Fun Physical Activities in Group (Hikes, Parks, Sports, Dance...)
  • Social Gatherings


  • InterACT Seal of Approval - Sensory Friendly Training
  • Parent Trainings
  • Job Placement/Advocacy


  • Social Skills
  • Parent Support
  • Processing
  • Sibling


  • Pyschoeducation
  • Autism Awareness


  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Family Relationships

Sensory Friendly Theatre 

  • Cast and Crew Sensory-Friendly Training
  • Sensory-Friendly Lobby Experience


🧩Sensory Friendly Performance 🧩

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Where does my donation go?

Your donation will go directly toward the InterACT initiative to provide more sensory-friendly events and activities 

in the Las Vegas community in the future!

If you wish to donate more toward the initiative, feel free to do so via the button below!

For more information:

Call or Text

Pamela Gomez-

Licensed MFT and Clinical Director (702) 800-0590 

David Gomez- 

Events and Activities Director (702) 338-9207


[email protected]